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Corso in inglese “The Art of Public Speaking”

Welcome to the Art of Public Speaking – Learn how to be a confident speaker and connect with your audience, all while practicing your English!

About the workshop:
The Art of Public Speaking is a workshop that teaches participants the method which performance coach Troy Kagan used to help Italian students succeed at the Model United Nations world annual conference in Washington, D.C, United States. To read the full story, go to

What you will learn:
If you want to speak confidently, connect with your audience and convince people of your message, this workshop will teach you how.
This workshop will improve your ability to feel confident in yourself and positively communicate in any situation.
You will understand why you get nervous when speaking to strangers and groups of people, and how to handle those situations successfully.
You’ll learn the key to connecting with an audience, helping you give better presentations, successfully handle customer communication, run meetings, make speeches and much more.


About your instructor:
Troy is an English native originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He currently lives in Vicenza, Italy, where he works as a performance coach and runs the Art of Public Speaking. Prior to coming to Italy, he graduated in business management, travelled the world and worked as a marketer, project manager and performance coach for award-winning brands including Google, Thomas Cook and The Institute of Digital Marketing.

Workshop program:
In this fun and fast-paced workshop, you’re going to learn the skills to communicate successfully, and get the result you want from your audience, with the Speaking Success Model:
1. How to be Confident engaging with your listeners
2. How to Connect with the audience in front of you
3. How to Convince others of your message

09:00 Welcome and introduction
09:30 They Key to Confidence
Part A: explanation and video examples
Part B: participant practical exercises
10:30 They Key to Connection
Part A: explanation and video examples
Part B: participant practical exercises
11:15 Short break: snacks and drinks provided
11:30 The Key to Convincing
Part A: explanation and video examples
Part B: participant practical exercises
12:30 Final summary and answering questions
13:00 Workshop end

Workshop details:
Next workshop: Saturday 20th October
Location: B55, Contrà Barche 55, 36100 Vicenza (VI)
Time: 09:00 – 13:00
Included: Worksheets, snacks and drinks
Language: English
Price: €90

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